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Bali – Land of bewitching sunsets !!!
Bali – Land of bewitching sunsets !!!

Bali – Land of bewitching sunsets !!!

SUNSETS are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully – Kristen Butler

Bali is known for its beautiful beaches, marvellous temples and enchanting rice fields. It’s an inimitable feeling to watch sunset at Bali beaches as the sky changes its hues, from golden , crimson  , purple and finally to black, all in slow motion . Some of the best locations to watch sunsets are along the western coastline. Many of these locations have historic temples on the foreground, letting you take dramatic post card pictures of sunsets.

I had the fortune of watching sunset at three different locations during my Bali trip. Each sunset was different and each had a charm and divinity of its own. More than the sunset what truly captivated me was the β€˜blue hour’ after the sunset when the sky changed from purple to cobalt blue and then black.

  1.  Jimbaran Bay

It is very famous for its panoramic sunset and beach front seafood restaurants. It gets very crowded by the time sunsets. It’s always better to reach the beach early and reserve the best spot to watch sunset. We reached around 5 Pm. The sunset was only at 6.45 and so had ample time in hand to explore and enjoy the beach.

enjoying the blue sky and white sand πŸ™‚
Before the mad rush began
As the sunset approached , the seafront restaurants started getting live.

As the sun started dissapearing behind the horizon, the whole place was filled with an golden light which reflected on the waves and shore giving me a magical feeling.

Golden hour @Jimbaran Bay
relaxing πŸ™‚
families having fun during sunset
corn man waiting for his customers

Soon the golden rays were replaced by pink rays and then blue rays. Along the beach, tables were arranged with a single candle light at the centre.

Glowing in pink hue
blue hour !!!

After the sun sets, the flickering candle light on the tables exuded a romantic vibe. The air was filled with the aroma of freshly grilled seafood. Twilight of horizon sunset and candle light enhanced the good feeling along with company of good friends.

Waiting for a partner πŸ˜›
Seafood platter
Sensational night!!!!

You can also enjoy live Balinese dance performance. Band is available to liven up occasions like birthday.

baali dance
Band performing before guests
Spectral me πŸ™‚
  • Uluwatu temple

Another famous place for sunset is Uluwatu temple, which is located on a cliff at a height of 70 metres from the sea. Here, you can watch sunset in the breath taking backdrop of Indian ocean.

Sunset @uluwatu

It was a great feeling to see the waves crash at the bottom of the cliff. You feel powerless in front of Mother Nature.

waves crashing on nearby cliff

Place is over crowded at sunset. I had a hard time finding a frame without people.

Visitors enjoying sunset
Uluwatu temple appears as a spot high up above the cliff

In the temple premises, there is an amphitheatre where the famous Kechak or fire dance is performed. Watching the kechak dance on one side and the sun set on the other side is a unique experience.

Kechak dance and sunset … an awesome experience
Hanuman , a character in Kechak dance in the background of pink sky
Sky appears like a canvas with pink and blue colours across it
  • Tanah Lot temple

Temple is located on a rocky outcrop. It is one of the most popular spots to watch sunset. It is difficult to capture both Tanah lot temple and sunset in one frame. So I explored the nearby places for a sunset spot.

Tanah Lot temple

North of Tanah lot is Batu Bolong, similarly built on a rock formation with a hollow overpass linking to the mainland. There are two Balinese temples built on an overhanging cliff which connects the islet to the shore. it was mystical to watch sun go down.

Sun about to go down
Sun almost down
Magic hour after sunset

I would definitely say that Bali sunsets are one of the most spectacular sights to witness.  There are more than 10 locations from which to enjoy the Bali sunsets. The best thing about the sunset at Bali is that the sun goes down very slowly and you get a lot of time to enjoy the magical sunset. So, next time when you plan a trip to Bali, plan it in such a way that every day evening you get to watch sunset at discrete locations.

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