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A ‘Mini’ ride to Indian Niagra
A ‘Mini’ ride to Indian Niagra

A ‘Mini’ ride to Indian Niagra

Sometimes oppurtunities knock at your door. Sometimes it not only knocks, but also pushes the door open and pull you out for an adventure. And that is exactly how I got the chance to test drive all the ‘Mini’ series vehicles en route Indian Niagra.

One evening Athira rang me up and asked If I’m free next day. She was going to Athirapally. Trips always excite me so I didn’t even have to think twice before agreeing. She asked me to come to the EVM showroom at Kalamassery next day morning. As she was an excellent trip organiser I didn’t ask the trip details.

Next day, when I reached the EVM showroom , I could see few Mini series vehicles parked outside. They were a beauty to watch at. I immediately fell in love with the blue Cooper convertible. I dreamt of driving it some day.

All the beauties waiting to get started !
Before we started

By then Athira too joined me. She told me that she was invited to test drive and review the recently introduced Mini series vehicles. I leaped with joy because I was going to accompany Athira in the Mini vehicles. Seeing my excitement on seeing the convertible, Athira forced me to sit on the driving seat to pose for a picture. Never in my wildest of dreams did I think I will be driving the vehicle that day.

Showroom manager, Manzoor, told us that they had invited prospective customers for the promo ride. Although we were supposed to start at 10 Am, customers reached by 10.30 only. It was getting late and so the ride organisers decided to start immediately. He explained the plan. There were 5 vehicles of Mini series – Cooper, Cooper convertible, Country man(p), Country man(d) and Clubman. There were two stops on the way to waterfall and one on the way back and at each stop drivers have to swap the vehicle. Each customer will handle a vehicle and a showroom engineer will accompany each vehicle to help.

Athira was planning to ride the Clubman first and I immediately occupied the back seat. That was when Manzoor approached me and asked if I wanted to be drive the vehicles as one of the customer didn’t turn up. I just had a split second to decide as the rally was about to start. I was tensed but then I decided to take the risk and was assigned to drive red countryman (p) in the first lap.

Excited !
Manzoor.. who invited me to ride the vehicle

Countryman is an SUV belonging to mini series. Initially as there was traffick on the road I couldn’t ride fast. But once the lane was free , I could enjoy the power and comfort of the car.


Angamaly was our first stop over. There I shifted to brown Clubman. Eventhough it appeared small, it offered a sturdy ride.

Stop over
Hijaz the Clubman mothalali😜

Comfort wise Clubman was the best in Mini series. You feel as though you are floating on the road. I also loved the cupboard doors at the back.

Inside the clubman
Cupboard doors

Next stop over was enroute the waterfall and that is where I got to ride my dream vehicle- blue Cooper convertible. I couldn’t ask for better luck with regards to the route.

Beauty and the beauty 😝

I was able to drive the beauty through one of the most beautiful stretch in the entire ride. Loud music, wind that blew your hair, good roads with greenery on either side and your favourite vehicle … what more do you need to label it as the best fun ride in your life!

Awesome roads and scenery

Ease of driving was especially noted while taking sharp turns. There was no need to slowdown while compromising the curves as the car was sturdy enough to handle the curves and turns. It really gave me a go kart feeling.

Enjoying the music and the ride
Mirash bro who made the ride memorable

It was 12 Pm by the time we reached Indian Niagra. Yes! You guessed it right. I reached Athirapally waterfalls. It is the largest waterfall in Kerala and a common location for films like Bahubali. Lunch was arranged at Rainforest resort. Resort is placed in a scenic location in the midst of trees.

Minis parked at Rainforest

There is an open dining area that directly overlooks a garden from where we have a direct distant view of the splendid waterfall.

Rainforest resort

Eventhough I had been to Athirapally several times, it was the first time I was experiencing true vastness of the waterfall. View from the resort makes you speechless.

View from dining hall

After taking in as much of the beauty as possible, we all sat down for lunch. EVM had arranged a sumptuous feast. Food tasted excellent. It was a great experience to have lunch right in front of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in our country.

Lunch time

After lunch we explored the resort for some time.

Swimming pool with waterfall view

Finally we started from the resort by 2 Pm. This time I got to drive white Countryman diesel version.

Country man
Way back

The next stop over was at Angamaly and here I changed to Mini Cooper – a small car that defies your expectation about luxury.

Athi coming out of cooper

It had started drizzling on the way back. There was not much of traffic as it was Sunday and reached back at showroom by 3.30 Pm. I had the feeling of ‘Alice in wonderland’. I fall short of words to explain the immense gratitude I felt for my dear friend Athira who invited me to join her and to EVM management for organising the promo ride without any glitches.

Us the riders !

I’m not a car expert to write about the technical details of the cars that I drove. But as a car enthusiast and as a person who loves driving, Mini series vehicles were a pleasure to ride. I also loved the built quality, the appealing interiors and luxury features.

Luxury interiors

Best thing about Mini vehicles are that they are customisable. They built you a car that meets your needs and expectation. Cool isn’t it ! To mix and match the car features and get all that you want in one car. ‘Mini’ ROCKS !!!

I forgot to mention  – the ride was organised on August 4th , first Sunday of the month and it happened to be friendship day. It’s a blessing to have friends like Athira who make life worth living.

Happy friendship day !

This day and the unexpected trip was also a gentle reminder to me to keep dreaming. Life has an amazing way of surprisingly gifting things that you dream  !!!

Ride to remember forever!

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